Website Updated

The writing of the report on additions and changes to the MDM website has taken nearly as long as the Comms group took to get the major part of the work to a stage where Simon Hill of was able, quite quickly, to pull the thing together and make the changes go live.

As with some disabilities, some of the changes are not visible, but to a visitor to the website who uses a screen reader, they will a world of difference.  There is now text behind each button and picture which a screen reader will voice.  This enables the user to navigate the various pages of the web site far easier and also – provided the description is good – brings pictures to life, or at least tells them what it depicts.  Talking of pictures, a full revision of the main pictures has finally happened, reflecting the changed location and faces of volunteers which have occurred in recent years.  Another small but important step has been to ensure that pictures which accompany ‘News’ stories appear above the heading for the article making the page more inviting as well as making the index of previous News more attractive.

And so, to the big addition to the web site.  Back at the beginning of the year – or even before – there was a thought to tell the story of the Mid Devon Messenger from newspaper type face to listener’s ear.  Explaining, in simple terms, how the nine volunteers each week contribute to the production of the weeks recording. 

A story board was devised, a mountain of pictures taken, and a short video clip shot.  A descriptive script was written and recorded.  A selection of the pictures and the video clip were assembled as a video and the soundtrack added.  The finished work was then passed to Simon who set the new page in the website, including both the video and the individual pictures and descriptions. This, together with updated content on other pages was checked, approved and was released to the public.

All completed by the end of, was it June – You’ll have seen some of the results by getting this far on the website.  While here make sure you click on the ‘Read our news’ tab, enter your email address and hit the Subscribe button.  This way you’ll get news updates at irregular intervals – probably no more than one or two a month.

The composite picture shows, at the top, a selection of newspapers and publications.

Below that are a group of volunteers around a recording desk with microphones. 

At the bottom are two pictures, one showing a volunteer administrator preparing the pouches for dispatch and lastly a listener sat beside a window listening to the recording on a USB memory stick and player.