It’s not what you listen to ………..

   …………..It’s how you listen!

We know one of the best ways to get your local news and information is by listening to the Gazette being read by the resolute readers of the Mid Devon Messenger, produced by the tenacious technical team, and delivered to the 100 odd, visually impaired listeners, by our diligent dispatchers.

Our signed-up listeners listen on specialist players and USB memory sticks – but there are a growing number of ways our volunteers and friends can avail themselves of the unique weekly compilation of news and articles which is the Mid Devon Messenger. (There may be other Talking Newspapers – but nothing like the Mid Devon Messenger.)

So, you’ve heard about the player on the Mid Devon Messenger Website, courtesy of British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) but did you know you can also download the Talking News app for iPhones (App Store) and android Smart phones. (Google Play store)

This app gives you access to other Talking Newspapers across the country, in addition to the Mid Devon Messenger (listen to some others then come back to the best!).

Edited Podcasts of each week’s Mid Devon Messenger are now available to listen to via a Google smart speaker (“OK Google, play the latest Mid Devon Messenger”).  The same podcast is also available on any device where you host a Spotify account.  Search for Mid Devon Messenger under the podcast option.  

Still to come is access via the ‘Alexa’ smart speaker. 

So, however you listen – make sure you catch the next edition of the Mid Devon Messenger. 

Until the next time –