Risk Assessment

Activity:     Reading & recording of talking papers                               Date of first risk assessment:  Sept 2021

Location:   Old Heathcoat School Community Centre                         Review Time/Frequency:  Annual

                   81 King Street, Tiverton, Devon EX16 5JJ                          Date to be reviewed:  30/09/2022

Name of Leader with responsibility:      MDM Secretary 

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are you already doing?Do you need to do anything else to minimise this risk?Action by whom?Action by when?Done
Electrical: Faulty or damaged fixed wiringFaulty, damaged or unauthorised portable electrical equipmentListeners/Volunteers – risk of electric shock from faulty equipment. Fire risk – damage to property and other users of the buildingPlayers checked/ PAT tested before issue. Electrical equipment switched off at the mains after usePAT test used players before issue PAT test Studio electrical equipment regularly (every 5 years)MDM Secretary  30/09/21 Yes
Manual Handling: Risk to volunteers when carrying heavy goods  Team Leaders and Copiers when carrying heavy/awkward mail sackMail sack collected and delivered to Studio by car or sack truck providedNo further action required  Team Leaders & Copiers  07/09/21  Yes
Vulnerable Adults Potential risk to listeners from MDM home visits or at MDM events  Listeners – either physically or emotionallyOnly nominated volunteers carry out home visits. Safeguarding Policy in placeDBS checks of nominated MDM home visitorsLead for Safeguarding  10/09/21  Yes