Mid Devon Messenger Goes Back into Lockdown

With the latest moves to supress the Covid-19 virus taking effect, the Mid-Devon Messenger will NOT be closing. Rather it has re-entered the living rooms, bedrooms, broom cupboards and home office space of the readers who will be keeping the ‘little yellow wallets’ popping through listeners’ letterboxes each week.

We know just how important the weekly Messenger is to our listeners at this particularly lonely and difficult time.

The Mid Devon Messenger never missed a heartbeat, let alone a week, during the first lockdown. However, the first few recordings presented a steep learning curve and were not without their nail-biting moments.

Building on this success, a larger team of readers, willing to record on a variety of devices in their own homes, has been drawn together. With training notes available based on lessons learnt earlier in the year, we believe we are better prepared this time round.

Our weekly editors are challenged to supplement the local news from the Tiverton and Culm Valley Gazettes with interesting and entertaining articles from other sources. The mission is to be upbeat!

Once the weeks’ readers have edited and read the items allocated to them, the individual recordings are emailed to the duty technician who assembles the tracks into the finished Mid Devon Messenger. It is then passed electronically to the two MDM members managing the copying and dispatch of over one hundred USB memory sticks and yellow pouches.

While the latest lockdown is scheduled to last for only four weeks, The Mid Devon Messenger will continue with Home Recordings until the New Year.

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